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Leward was born in a small rice farming community in Southern Louisiana to a school teacher mother and a father who was a lineman for the local power company.  Perhaps this is where he obtained his Servant’s Heart.

Upon completion of his high school education, Leward joined the U.S. Navy.  Serving my country in the United States Navy, I was on board the naval destroyers USS Laboon, USS Gonzales, and the USS Stout.  I served in Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Bahrain, France, Slovenia, and Africa.  I deployed to battle theaters in Operations Enduring Freedom and The Global War Against Terror.  Some of my many duties included personnel management and budgeting for each fiscal year, making sure the ship, and my division, were always in combat readiness.

Upon his discharge from the Navy, Leward worked in a coal mine in Central East Texas.  While it was a good job, he soon realized that something was missing.  The job was rewarding in its own way but was unable to alleviate his desire to help people.

It was at this time that he decided to leave the job which was allowing him to pay his bills and enroll in the Dallas Institute of Funerary Services.  He was able to obtain his Associates Degree and from where he acquired his first position as a funeral director at a hometown funeral home.  After some time was spent in this position, he was given the opportunity to move to a small town in Northeast Texas by the name of Jefferson.   Upon his first visit, he quickly fell in love with the people and the town.

It was at this time that he made the move to Marion County and found his new home and heart.  I have worked professionally as a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer.  I served as General Manager of Haggard Funeral Home in Jefferson and the Chief Operations Officer overseeing the construction and budgeting of the recently opened McWhorter Funeral Home in Upshur County. I have gladly dedicated my life to the service of others and want to put all my energy and skills into serving the citizens of Marion County to help it grow and prosper. It is this decision that I have now decided to try and become an active servant to the community by running for the position of Marion County Judge.

My entire career in the private sector and the military have prepared me for this role.  I am proud of our community, and the challenge of being Marion County Judge, if elected, is one I do not take lightly.  I look forward to working with and supporting, our law enforcement and County Commissioners to make sure they have what is needed to efficiently serve the citizens of Marion County.

Leward LaFleur
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