Leward's Vision

When Marion County Matters Most, A Vote For Leward Is A Vote For Marion County.

I have conservative values, both financially and professionally, and firmly believe it is time for my generation to step up and take responsibility for our future.

I am a hardworking businessman and family man.  I have a daughter, Laney, and son, Tripp.  I am married to Brooke Bradley-LaFleur and together, we are the owners of Salon Rouge and LaFleur de Lis Vacation Rental in Jefferson.  In my spare time, I enjoy working cattle on the Bradley family farm.  I am a member of Christ Episcopal Church and Lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 10373 in Jefferson.  I am a member of the National Rifle Association, Texas Funeral Directors Association, associate member of The Texas Sherriff’s Association, Lake O’ The Pines Chamber of Commerce, and Marion County Chamber of Commerce.

Activity Area in Jefferson Texas

I have a dream to see a Marion County that will grow in many ways, one of which is by fully utilizing its economic structure.  I would love to see this county reach its full potential by increasing its employee base, fully tap into its Natural Resources, and expand the vast tourism opportunities countywide.

By increasing our employee base, we will be able to provide a future for all of our young people that are coming of age and deciding to join the workforce.  By providing a larger employee base, we will, in turn, attract larger businesses which will be crucial in providing a lasting improvement to our wonderful county.  I firmly believe we are one of the most underutilized counties in the entire state of Texas.  By attracting larger businesses and a more abundant employee base, we will, in turn, allow for the youth of today to have an opportunity in which to raise and take care of their families of the Future.

Secondly, we have many Natural Resources that are not fully being utilized.  This not only goes for the bayou which runs through the downtown area of Jefferson itself but also the majesty of the Lake of the Pines.  By fully utilizing all of our fresh water channels and larger bodies of water, we will be able to draw more people to this area for greater opportunities to increase all manners of tourism.

And also, I would like to see us expound on our vast tourism opportunities throughout our entire county.  Not only do we have all of the B&B’s that are located in the city of Jefferson, but we also have many of the same that are relatively unheard of my people not within the county on the banks of Lake of the Pines.  We should do our best to show that not only do we have the wonderful homes and atmosphere of Jefferson proper but all of the wonderful homes that are located on Lake of the Pines.  Another item that is sorely under-recognized is all of the wonderful restaurants that are located on the Lake and those that are in Jefferson proper and surrounding communities.  We all know of all of the wonderful shops throughout the city proper, we also have many shops and boutiques throughout the entire Marion County area.

Marion County Texas


In short, I would like to see all aspects of our county grow and become the Best that it possibly can.  I would love to see our County reach its full potential and I would love to be the one that helps us reach that potential, because not only are members of my family business owners, but I want my children to have a place that they can call Home and be proud of that.

Over the next few months, I look forward to personally meeting each and every voter throughout the campaign process.  I pledge to run a clean and fair campaign.  Your concerns and ideas to promote Marion County are important to me.  I humbly ask for your support and, most importantly, your prayers.

Your Vote Counts

Vote Leward LaFleur on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Every vote counts …. if you are ready for a FRESH START FOR MARION COUNTY be sure you vote for Leward, if you’re not registered to vote please do before February 5, 2018.